10 Pictures Every Cat Owner Can Easily Relate To


Every cat is unique and rule the house that they live in. But there are some things that are common in every cat. Cats owners find it impawssible to figure out what their cats are up to. The felines are so unpredictable that you can never know what they will do next. However, there are some things about cats that every cat hooman agrees to.

Here are some cat pictures showing typical things that cats do. If you are a cat hooman, you will surely agree.


This man used to hate cats before he met this little furry feline and now he can’t stop staring at him while he eats.


“I don’t feel bad to cancel on my friends to spend time with my adorable furry friend. He has been there with me during the toughest times of my life. Can’t even imagine my life without him.”


“This is how we begin our mornings.”


“Every time I leave for work, my cat refuses to get off the car. The way he looks at me is very intimidating.”


When you are getting late for work and your cats won’t leave you alone. One dilemma every cat owner has to face every morning.

Cats may ignore you most of the time. But when it’s time for you to leave home, they will act as if they love you the most. Cats are very smart when it comes to getting their hooman’s attention.


“My cat loves to sit on my head whenever I wear this cap. I think he really likes this cap.”


“My cat hates me when I read books instead of playing with him. This is how he expresses his disapproval.”


“The best part of my day is when my cat takes a nap on my lap. It is the most comforting thing to watch.”


Your cat has to be where you are. It doesn’t matter where and when. Cats always manage to be in the same room as you are.


“My cat sits beside me while I work to ensure that nobody treats me badly. I just love him.”

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